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Marshall ALC - information and activities for students

Minnesota Literacy Council - A nonprofit organization dedicated to improving literacy.
Learning Disabilities Association - Works with children & adults with learning disabilities.
Literacy Tech - Support for using technology in adult literacy instruction.
National Institute for Literacy
- Lots of resources here
Literacy Facts - From the National Institute for Literacy - great literacy facts here!
National Coalition for Literacy - for the advancement of literacy in the US

Multi-Cultural Educational Services - Activities for ESL students from Charles La Rue
Activities for ESL Students - Lots of ESL activities for students from beginning to advanced.
5 Minute English - ESL Quizzes, Lesson Plans, Activities and More
Dave's ESL Cafe - Extensive ESL resources for teachers and students.  "Open 24 Hours"
FirstFind - Easy to find, easy to use websites, in plain and simple English
Topics On-Line Magazine
- An on-line magazine for learners of English.
NIEHS Kids' Page - Fun stuff for kids ("and kids at heart")
Internet Picture Dictionary - Internet picture dictionary.                                                                                                               ManyThings.Org - Interesting things for ESL students
Easy English - extensive site-on-line lessons and tests for ESL students
Northwest Lincs - Classroom guide and lesson plans
Health Literacy Activities - Online activities for ESL students
TV411 - online activities for students

Diploma Guide - a guide to GED programs
GED On-Line - Study for your GED on-line - FREE.
GED Practice Tests - Provided by Barons - take practice tests.
GED Practice Exercises - Practice tests in all 5 areas.
Steck-Vaughn's GED Practice - Lots of practice at this site.
Career Education:  High School - Earn your GED on-line

Meriam-Webster On-Line
- great on-line Dictionary/Thesaurus
MAPS - Find a street map (Yahoo)
Educator's Reference Desk - 1000's of links to teacher created lesson plans and resources
The Ref Desk - The ultimate website for references and research


APlus Math
- Help students improve their math skills interactively.
Cool Math for Kids - "An amusement park of  math and more - especially designed for Fun."
AAA Math - Hundreds of pages of math skills - from beginning to advanced.
Free Work Sheets - Lots of free items for teachers and parents & an on-line store.
Interactive Mathematics and Puzzles - Highbrow math site with interactive activities.
Math and Reading Help for Kids - Activities for parents and kids

ISEEK  Minnesota's gateway to career, education, employment and business information
Minnesota Work Force Center - Where job seekers and employers click
College for Adults - Guides for adults interested in enrolling in college
SAT Prep Plan  Free resources for preparing for the SAT

Powers of Ten - Fascinating Java applet, travel from outer space to world of electrons and protons.

United States Map Skills - Learn the states - play a game.
US History.org - large site dedicated to US History
US Senate - Official United States Senate webpage
Charters of Freedom - The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, & the Bill of Rights.
Historical Maps - Lots of historical map links
Minnesota Historical Society - Learn about Minnesota history
US Citizenship - Study for the U.S. Citizenship test
EL Civics Activities Packet - Several great topics covered here.
EL Civics Curriculum from Fairfax County - Consumer, Government, and Health modules
Life as a Citizen - A neat newsletter from New Readers Press
The Democracy Project - interactive site for kids and adults
Civic Education - civics for higher intermediate learners

Gray Olltwit's Freeware - Lot's educational software and games - all FREEWARE
Hot Potatoes
- FREE for teachers - user friendly software to create student exercises.
Puzzlemaker - not free but good puzzle generation tool for teachers.

Driver and Vehicle Services  - 
The Minnesota Drivers Manual is available in two languages

Newspapers In Education (NIE) - Newspaper oriented resources for teachers.
QuizStar - Make student quizzes - Students take quiz on-line and review the results - FREE
The Cook's Thesaurus - Award winning site - A "picture dictionary" of foods - great photos.
The Literacy List - A list of websites for teachers and adult learners - very extensive.
Thinkport - Free comprehensive online resources for students and teachers.
Interactive Exercises Makers - make interactive student exercises - techy - FREE
Trackstar - teachers can organize educational websites they use in lessons - FREE
Teacher Web - start a website for your class - very user friendly - great site - $25/year.
Rebecca Wurdak Classroom Webpage - great example of a Teacher Web site.
Best of the Web Grammar - On-line grammar activities for students
ESL Literacy - Site Database compiled by the National Center for ESL Literacy
NCLE - National Center for ESL Literacy Education site - Resources
TESOL - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages                              http://www.mnabeassessment.com/competency_links.html CASAS Competency Teacher Resource   http://www.mnabeassessment.com/IGavetheTest-March2010.pdf  "I Gave the Test-Now What?” http://www.mnabeassessment.com/TABE_resources.html  TABE Teacher Resource  http://www.mnabeassessment.com/TABEHandbook2009.pdf  TABE Handbook                                                                          http://english-on-the-web.yolasite.com/ ESL to use to study online                                                                                                     http://ged-on-the-web.yolasite.com/  GED to use to study online

Mouse Exercises - Practice using the mouse with these on-line exercises
Mouserobics - Practice your mouse skills
Computer Literacy 101 - for teachers - learn the basics - excellent lessons.

Charles LaRue's Listening Exercises
- Listening quizzes with American Immigrants.
Randall's Listening Lab - An ESL Cyber Listening Lab.
Frontline - PBS - Archive of Frontlines programs - streaming video & transcripts.
Sound Learning - MPR - Teacher resources using text & audio from MPR programming.

Find Tutorials
- E-learning website - many free on-line tutorials.

Marshall Public School
Tracy Public School

Southwest Minnesota State University
Marshall Chamber of Commerce
Marshall City Web Page
Marshall Lyon County Library
Marshall Area YMCA
Marshall Weather
Marshall Radio
Marshall Independent
Weiner Memorial
Go Marshall
Marshall Area Stage Company
Marshall Area Fine Arts Council